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As a valued supplier of ALL NOW, you can now take control of when your invoices are paid.

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Early Payment With A Single Click

All Now’s Early Payment Program, powered by InvoiceNxt and supported by Funding Societies, offers immediate payment for all pre-approved invoices, up to 60 days before the due date.

Funding Societies And Invoicenxt

How The Program Works

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Step 1
Activate Account

Sign up for free to activate your account.

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Step 2
Select Invoices

Review and select invoices available for early payment.

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Step 3
Confirm Details

Confirm the terms of the early payment with a single click.

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Step 4
Get Paid

Your invoice will be paid within 24 hours.

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Our collaboration with InvoiceNxt gives you direct control of the invoice payment, independent of the agreed payment terms.

InvoiceNxt is fully integrated with our financial system and automates your payment request. You can request early payment for individual invoices whenever you wish, giving you control over your cash flow. Improve your cashflow when you need it.

OCBC is our partner to enable immediate payments. From now onwards, you will be notified whenever invoices are ready to be paid early, and when they are paid.

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