Closing the gaps of corporates’ ERP

Corporates Unlocking Working Capital

Enterprise SaaS with embedded finance

InvoiceNxt extends corporate ERP systems to create trusted partnerships between buyers, suppliers and lenders. Breaking down data barriers, InvoiceNxt creates unparalleled benefits on outcome-based costs only.

Engaging corporates’ supply chains

InvoiceNxt is designed to address suppliers’ needs

  • Supplier-friendly interface on mobile and desktop
  • Vital insights into every transaction, from purchase order to payment allowing reliable cash flow planning
  • One-click early payment-requests ensure hassle-free payment certainty

60% onboarding rate within three months – based on proven processes

  • Data- and event-driven outreach, backed by AI-driven bots and dedicated local language engagement teams
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Closing the gap in sustainable supply chain finance

With InvoiceNxt, corporates communicate their ESG standards, validate the supply chain’s alignment and offer cash-based incentivization (at zero costs!). Sustainability becomes a mutual effort, benefitting all stakeholders – and our world.

InvoiceNxt protects corporate data

  • Built on Google’s world-leading cyber-security algorithms
  • All data encrypted in flight and at rest
  • SAP-certified add-on
  • ISO 27001 certification is in progress
  • GDPR- and PDPA-compliant
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InvoiceNxt ERP Extension

InvoiceNxt is a natural extension of any corporate ERP

By extending corporate buyers’ ERP systems, InvoiceNxt allows suppliers to access all aspects of their transactions from purchase orders to payments, create e-Invoices and request immediate invoice payment against a discount with a single click.

InvoiceNxt is ERP-agnostic, however we provide an SAP-certified add-on to easily and seamlessly integrate to SAP ECC and S/4HANA.

Productized integrations with Oracle JDE and Tally.ERP will be made available soon.

“So simple and effective at the same time…”

“We are delighted to partner with InvoiceNxt on our journey to digitise the supply chain. Optimising our processes ultimately brings value to our customers. The business model of InvoiceNxt allows us to implement quickly, in a cost-effective manner and, at the same time, provide cashflow support to our suppliers who need it.”

– Daniel Tan, Executive Director of Commonwealth Kobuko

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