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Embedding finance offers into every transaction – easily accessing thousands of suppliers of large corporate buyers’ supply chains

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USD 2.4 Trillion unmet financing needs

According to the world bank, SMEs have huge unmet financing needs of USD 2.4 Trillion in Asia alone. Utilizing the existing data of corporate buyers’ ERP-systems, InvoiceNxt addresses fraud- and collection risks, thus unlocking urgently sought-after working capital to the entire supply chain.
Embedded finance makes early payment accessible to all suppliers – even for smallest transaction volumes.

Finally, suppliers experience payment certainly: A single click results in immediate payment.

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Untapped potential for financial service providers

InvoiceNxt is an extension of corporate ERP-systems. It uses already existing data to mitigate fraud- and collection risks.

Early payment offers are embedded into every qualifying transaction, independent of the transaction size. Every supplier can request immediate payment whenever needed – with a single click.

Designed to address the financing needs of all suppliers in emerging markets, especially SME- and Micro SME suppliers.

InvoiceNxt leverages corporates buyers’ creditworthiness and extends immediate payment offers on fair terms to the entire supply chain.

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