Digitalisation of supply chains

Eliminating error-prone manual processes, improvement of data quality, strengthening suppliers

Header. Digitalisation Transactions

Digitalised supply chain

InvoiceNxt extends corporate buyers’ ERP systems and removes traditional data barriers, The platform allows suppliers to access all aspects of their transactions from purchase order to payment.

Suppliers use InvoiceNxt to raise “perfect” electronic invoices, which in most cases can be processed automatically (STP – straight-through processing).

Early payment against a discount
InvoiceNxt embeds early payment offers into every qualifying transaction, allowing suppliers to request immediate payment against a discount. The entire process is automated, no-human-in-the-loop, regardless of whether the payment comes from the corporate’s balance sheet or from a third-party lender.

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Engaging 60% of the supply chain

InvoiceNxt is designed to create immediate and tangible benefits for suppliers. Suppliers, once they know InvoiceNxt, will consider it THEIR application.

InvoiceNxt takes the lead in the onboarding process with dedicated local-language engagement teams. A hybrid (human & bot) data driven outreach process ensures consistency and scalabilit.

InvoiceNxt keeps data safe

InvoiceNxt allows exclusively existing suppliers access to data they “own” already: Purchase orders, goods receipt-postings, invoice processing- and payment status.

InvoiceNxt presents the data in a form which is meaningful and intuitive for all suppliers. Only suppliers can decide whether to share selected data with a specific named lender (in the context of third-party funded early payments).

InvoiceNxt is built using the GoogleCloudNetwork (GCN) framework, using Google’s most sophisticated technologies to mitigate cyber-security risks (and provide outstanding performance and scalability).

InvoiceNxt is GDPR- and PDPA-complaint, all data is encrypted in flight and at rest, and an ISO 27001 certification is in progress to document our conformity.

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