A new dimension of discounting

InvoiceNxt automates all forms of supplier finance. Benefiting suppliers and the corporates.

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Dynamic liquidity optimization

InvoiceNxt allows corporate buyers to react flexible to changes to their liquidity and costs of capital. Longer payment terms can be maintained without straining the supply chain by offering simple to access alternative sources for working capital (third-party funded supplier finance). And at times of greater liquidity, corporates can offer earlier payment against a discount to more suppliers or more aggressive terms.

InvoiceNxt helps with the tools to implement these changes quickly and to forecast their outcomes.

InvoiceNxt enables immediate payment of invoices, against a small discount. For suppliers, the process is 100% automated with only a single click. Corporate buyers can differentiate their offers by supplier groups, invoice amount, or even individually per supplier.

Our ROI Calculator can help you picture how InvoiceNxt can help you optimise your liquidity and liberate locked up working capital.

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Supply Chain Digitalisation for the totality of the supplier base

InvoiceNxt propels businesses into positive supply chain help by offering a solution that cater to the ALL-supplier base at zero investment.

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