PARADOX OF DISRUPTION – “More stays the same than changes”

InvoiceNxt automates every aspect of early payment programs. Once fully deployed, InvoiceNxt works entirely autonomously. Today’s digitalization enables corporate buyers, suppliers and lenders to take an entirely new approach to supplier finance.  Error-prone manual tasks are replaced by compliant and auditable programs processing trusted data without any delays, 24/7, with no humans in the loop.

Using our SAP-certified interface, we will integrate InvoiceNxt securely into the GLC’s ERP system (SAP ECC). Once connected, the InvoiceNxt team will take the lead in onboarding the suppliers who will then have the possibility to request immediate payment of their invoices – at any time.

Today, suppliers receive payments on average 45 days after our latest customer has received the invoice. As soon as suppliers are onboarded to the InvoiceNxt-platform, early payment offers will be embedded into every single transaction, which suppliers can request with only a single click.

Volkmar Ahrens, CEO of InvoiceNxt: “InvoiceNxt makes it possible to receive payments within seconds. Completely independent of the invoice amount, small or large.”

InvoiceNxt – certified Fintech made in Singapore.

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