How else will corporates assess the GHG emissions of thousands of suppliers? How will corporates design and implement their strategies across continents and time zones? How to measure actual results and secure reliable evidence?

With sustainable supplier finance at its core, InvoiceNxt incentivizes supply chains for their regular contribution of reliable primary data to enable science-based net-zero initiatives (Scope-3).

InvoiceNxt is a network of suppliers, corporate buyers, and lenders. InvoiceNxt communicates ESG standards, validates each supplier’s alignment, and offers cash incentivization for relevant contributions. Last but not least, InvoiceNxt assigns certified carbon offsets emitter-specific, with or without cost-sharing, helping procurement to determine true costs.

Many large corporates have pledged their net-zero targets, but most have yet to establish workable solutions to cover scope 3. Any not science-based estimation of scope 3-emissions cannot sustain in view of the increasing public and regulatory attention, and real financial damages add to the reputation risks of “greenwashing”. InvoiceNxt gives an answer on how to work with global supply chains.

InvoiceNxt helps corporate buyers to communicate their standards, validate and incentivize the supply chain’s contribution and eventually can be used to automate trusted off-setting of emissions.

Using the existing supplier network and its mechanics, InvoiceNxt facilitates partnerships between buyers and their suppliers to address ESG-related challenges. By identifying risks early, and offering targeted support, buyers can utilize InvoiceNxt to strengthen their supply chain and keep it diverse.

“Sustainability in the supply chain is the most complex, yet the most impactful way to address climate change” Maex Ament, Board and Advisor InvoiceNxt

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